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Designing & Building a Website...

Content Management Systems such as WordPress is used for their ease of use editing. While mostly used for blogs they are also used for designing websites where users with little or no experience can add or edit pages. The disadvantage of using a CMS designed site is that they are loaded with extra software because they must be able to carry out many different functions. One additional problem associated with CMS websites is they are under constant attack by cyber criminals because they are so popular and poorly maintained. The irony here is that many websites use CMS systems even though they are designed by a third party.

E-Commerce Platforms such as Shopify is similar in many respects to a Content Management System, but the overall platform is controlled and maintained by the owners of the platform. You pay a monthly fee for the hosting and additional fees for additional services. The advantage is that you can choose from different layouts, customize them like CMS. There are features to import your "store data," add credit card payment and more. However, the updating, maintenance, and overall security are handled by the owner of the platform. Even though this is pretty straight forward, many people choose to hire someone with experience, there can be a learning curve.

Writing Code in HTML to design a website is straight forward, you use software or write your code in HTML. The beautiful part is the code is clean for the most part and using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver you can easily keep track of all the pages and assets (such as images, video's, etc.). To properly design a website using computer programming code you need to learn about HTML, CSS which helps create style sheets. If you want to store data online, send email, interact with a database such as SQL your are going to need JavaScript or some other language to make that happen

Writing code for an interactive website

HTML is a static language; it delivers instructions to the browser on how to display the page, text, and graphics. For your server to provide custom content, connect with a database or even send an email, you are going to need to write code in a language such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, ColdFusion, and others.

Each of these languages requires knowledge of the computer language to write the code necessary for the website to work correctly. Each of the computer languages creates an HTML page, but how they do it and how they interact with the user, server, and database is what sets them apart. Experienced programmers can write a less cluttered and clean website, however, if you need someone to fix something you are going to have to find someone with experience in that language. Important: if you are hosting your website with a third party they are going to have to be able to support that language.

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Our Clients Come First...

We allow our customers to choose the hosting company, as well as the choice whether they want a WordPress site or even keeping what they currently have in place. If there is a website in place and you are generally happy with the layout and design and don't want to go through the hassle of creating a new one, we will inspect it for errors and fix them. Many websites have small errors that impact their position in search, and with site audits, on a regular basis, we continuously look to improve your results.

At Robert Furst Competitive Marketing one size does not fit all. We currently have clients on Content Management Systems such as WordPress and others; we have clients hosted on private and public servers such as GoDaddy, One on One, Hostek, and many others. Some of these hosting companies offer platforms that run CMS platforms, others programming languages such as PHP and ColdFusion from Adobe.

When creating a clients website, we try to get an idea of the look and feel that they are looking for while at the same time trying to match it closely to their corporate image and logo.

The next step is creating a map of how the site works, what "pages" would you like to have, are you open to suggestions and ideas that can improve the user experience. Because at the end of the day the entire website is designed for the visitor and how they move through your site can determine whether or not you succeed in selling them a product or service. This experience is never really complete as our audits identify if pages need to go or be added to improve user experience on the website.

Tracking & Monitoring

After completion of the website, we add in tracking from Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing, and Amazon Alexa (optional/monthly fee). The accounts are set up with you as owner so that if you ever choose to leave us, you will remain in control of your accounts.

We will also add a Google Ads and Bing Ads account again with you as owner, so you are in control. If any of the primary Social Accounts are missing, we will add these for you as well and tie them to your website. We will check to see who has ownership of your Google, Bing, Yahoo, listings and take control if needed and place you as owner. If you like we can add Facebook Messenger to your website (FREE) for clients to contact you, or if you want we can handle that for you as well.

All Meta Tags that help with SEO and website ranking will be included in the design regardless of the platform. Your website will be designed for both desktop and mobile, however, adding lots of features will impact your rankings. In the case of WordPress, there will be current Plug-Ins added (some are free, and some require a license ) to both help with SEO, blocking attacks on your site and break-ins, and bad links, as well as backups and other helpful software that every CMS website should have from day one.

We provide custom services such as monthly maintenance which includes the design, redesign, of your website as well as monitoring you online ads, online social, online comments, and reviews. Plus we offer services on designing for print, mailings, postcards, and even signage.

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