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Car Loan Calculator (Estimated)

Looking for a Car Lease Caluculator Instead?

car loan calculator

Complete the fields below to see if a car loan is the right choice for you and to get an approximate idea of what the monthly cost of financing the pruchase a car might be.

Enter all applicable fields - change defaults as needed.

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How an Amortized Loan is computed:

Car cost less deposit & trade in: $ 0.00

Sales Tax (based on car sale price): $ 0.00

Tags & Title: $ 0.00

Dealer Fees: $ 0.00

Less Incentives & Rebates: $ 0.00

Total Financed: $ 0.00

Monthly Payment: $ 0.00

Amortized: The principal and interest are paid down, in equal payments over the life of the loan.

Not sure what it means? Here are some financing terms and brief descriptions

PRODUCT: An auto loan is a loan secured by a car that is paid off over a set period of time.

LENDER: The bank or firnancial institution lending the money for the loan.

RATE: The process by which your loan payment is calculated to pay off the debt at the end of a fixed period, including interest on the outstanding balance.

APR: The annual percentage rate is an interest rate that rolls in the fees and other expenses of acquiring the loan.

FEES: Additional costs incurred by the borrower when getting the loan that, along with the interest rate, determine the true cost of the loan.

AUTO-DEBIT: Payments automatically debited from an account belonging to the borrower.

RELATIONSHIP: Any discounts or rate reductions for having an account relationship with the lender, similar to membership discounts.

ADVERTISER COMMENTS: Additional information given by the listed institutions.

LOCATION: The state and city in which you are seeking an auto loan.

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