Is Anyone Out There Seeing My Free Posts?

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Is Anyone Out There Seeing My Free Posts?

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Jan. 30, 2019

Facebook Timeline

From the beginning, Facebook was an advertisers dream. Get as many people as possible to "like" your business page, and you could advertise to them and any of their "friends" if they "shared" or "commented" on your post. Then Facebook got smart, realizing their advertising revenue was declining, so they mixed it up a bit, showing posts that people "were interested in" because they shared or commented. Many business posts suddenly stopped appearing on peoples Facebook timelines, and in their stead, paid ads started appearing more frequently.

There are agencies out there that specialize in "specific industries" because they have the "keywords" down to a science, the content is pretty much the same from one client to another, and the clip art they license can be used across all of the accounts, all you have to do is change a background color and logo, and make sure not to use the same images for all clients at the same time. So what does this have to do with what I am talking about on the Facebook timeline?

People remember images, even if they are different, they notice similarities, and so using the same content over and over turns people off. At the same time these agencies post on a regular basis, I'm talking every one to two days. After a while, people start getting annoyed and they react, perhaps not at first, but they do eventually.

Facebook allows users to adjust their "Friends" in their timeline so that they don't see their friends posts but they are still friends. Actually quite ingenious, less confrontational because the "Friend" who is no longer followed has no idea. Advancing on the idea of not seeing a person or businesses post, Facebook allows you to "Snooze for 30 days" or just "hide all their posts" on the timeline, the person or business who is being ignored has no idea.

So what does this mean to you the person posting on Facebook or on other forms of social media? I have a client that transferred to us recently who was paying their Agency $500 for posting to Facebook each month. The Agency married their logo and other vital information to a "generic" advertisement, making it custom and posted to all of their social every other day. The problem was that upon inspection of the Facebook account, hardly anyone was seeing the posts, or responding. Those who were responding were the owner, their family, and employees of the organization, all good, but hardly ever anyone else.

The first thing I did was cut off the automated ad feed, too many ads had turned off too many of their customers who were following them. Even though they have over 3,000 followers, fewer than 20 were seeing their ads, which told me they probably turned my new client's posts off.

The very first post I did for my new client was totally custom, and did quite well, in fact so well that I slowed down the posts further. This client now has many more engagements, shares, comments, and followers. The ads I found most successful I run on Facebook ads, where we pay for the views, all new, because I don't show my ads to my Page followers because they already saw them.

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