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Wide Format Printing for Everyday Use

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Mar. 17, 2020

Digital Signs - Yard Sign

In my last article Signs, They are Everywhere I discussed Banners, Roll Up Stands, Posters, Signs, Window Graphics, and Our Outdoor Vinyl. I want to continue discussing uses for materials produced by wide-format printers.

Printed flags, not the kind found on a flag pole representing a nation, city, etc.; instead, you'll find these at car dealerships and businesses that just opened their doors. These flags designed to catch passing drivers' eyes by waving in the wind run vertically and are typically 5'-6' high by 1'-2' wide. Flags can be printed in multiple colors and are planted in the ground outside with the pole used as a stake of the business that is advertising.

Mounted Canvas, when printed in full color, imitates art paintings and photographs. Because the image printed when mounted on a frame, gives the appearance of a high-quality image with the added depth of the frames, so the image doesn't lie flat on the wall.

Car magnets can be pretty much any size thought most are 12" x 18". The advantage to a magnet is that the image can come off, especially helpful in neighborhoods where commercial vehicles are not permitted. The magnet needs to be removed regularly in order not to damage the vehicles finish. Some larger companies don't use magnets because of liability related to the magnet coming off during driving, not an issue if you change out the magnets regularly.

Car wraps or vehicle wraps are placed on to the vehicle giving the impression that the image is printed directly onto the surface. The software used to create the image can get the manufacturer's specifications to create a perfect fit for many commonly wrapped vehicles. The material is made from vinyl and should last for a couple of years. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and the material will need replacing. One thing to consider before placing a vehicle wrap is the paint finish from the vehicle, and it's going to be affected and most likely need repainting.

Aliminum signs are firm because they are composed of metal instead of paper or vinyl. These signs will stand up to the elements and have a distinctive look and feel. They're great for office doors or used instead of engraved plaques.

Yard signsare made of plastic are designed to be mounted on "H" stands in the yard or garden. The top two legs fit into the grooves of the plastic, holding the sign in place. White, the two bottom legs embedded in the soil, hold the sign in place. Yard signs can last for a long time and are pretty inexpensive, which is why they are popular for elections and ads with little wording.

A frame signs are placed inside of an A-Frame holder. The holders are available in many designs and materials. The name comes from the basic shape that looks like the letter "A" when viewed on its side. Some signs are printed on vinyl and are designed for permanent mounting, while others use the plastic material found in yard signs for easy change out. The A-Frame itself can stand up for many years and is a disruptor because it is typically placed on the sidewalk outside of a business as a way to get the consumers attention.

Acrylic signs are not as common as many of the other signs because they are difficult to read, especially if something dark is behind them. Some printers will print a white background where the ink prints in order from the light and background not to affect the lettering or design.

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