Are Ads No Longer Reasonable for the Sane Person

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Are Ads No Longer Reasonable for the Sane Person

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Dec. 27, 2019

Fake Ads

First there was the advertisement, download the App, take a picture of a pizza, any pizza, even the competition, upload it, and you'll get points towards a pizza. They never mentioned how many points or, for that matter, how many points it would take to get a free pizza. The ad no longer runs, and I'm guessing it's because most people realized it for what it was.

Now their competition has come up with a gimmick replacing guaranteed with the fancier name "Insurance," pretty much along the same lines. Pizza insurance. If you're unhappy with your pizza because something was missing or wrong, they'll replace it. Most of us call it customer service, but in the new age of deception, this is what passes for the norm.

It's not like advertising has always told the truth, to the contrary, the absurd gimmicks, however, are something new. That gum company used to advertise that nine out of ten dentists prefer their gum. Later we all found out that they surveyed dentists and then redid the survey using dentists who preferred their gum. They told the truth, but the truth was misleading.

The difference, of course, is that now the advertisers are expecting people not to use their common sense. Are we the general public that stupid? Or is it that they expect most of us under the influence? There was a commercial that made fun of a woman for believing what she read on the internet as being true.

In an age of fake news or news based on opinions where no one believes anything, we are entering dangerous territory. But who can you trust anymore? AARP passes itself off as an organization that protects seniors. Still, they get money for endorsements and advertising on every product they mention or sell. Just look at Life Insurance, AARP does monitor New York Life Agents, getting a cut of the commission would be illegal, instead AARP gets paid in the form of association and fees. Consumer Reports was always a good place to look, and still is, but is nowhere near as influential as it once was. Another good source is the , but their fees chase away many businesses as the cost to be a member can be high. They do list non-member businesses; it's just that their information is not as good, and they take customer information at face value.

Snopes used to be impartial, but when it needed funding, it moved to one side of the political spectrum, making it worthless as it is no longer impartial. Now Snopes comes with opinion and a clear political leaning.

The Internet was meant to make things FREE and CLEAR, but at the end of the day, it is in no way free, and it is burdened with false or misleading information. Even the largest search engine, Google most of the results on is paid for advertising, and who cares about page two and three, and while there are plenty of good search engines to compete, they have nowhere near the reach as Google does.

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