Amazon is Too Busy Pushing Sponsors to Give Good Results

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Amazon is Too Busy Pushing Sponsors to Give Good Results

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Dec. 09, 2019

Focus on sales not solutions

If you're shopping on Amazon for the best price, you might want to use Google Search to do it for you. For this search, I am looking to replace the battery in my Dell 13" laptop. If you take a look at the results below using the same search criteria, "dell p69g battery", you will get better results on Google Search and alternatives to Amazon as well; for this article, I am focusing only on purchasing the item from Amazon.

Let's first analyze the results from Amazon (putting your mouse over the two images below will enlarge them). The very first and featured "Amazon Choice" is the wrong battery, which costs the advertiser, and is wasting the purchaser's time. This incorrect answer might explain why Amazon gets so many returns, which in the end, cost the seller and Amazon. There are plenty of correct choices with prices ranging from $37.99 - $56.99, and there are plenty of other "sponsored" items, some displaying the wrong battery. There are plenty of additional pages to see additional choices, but nearly all people will select from the first couple of rows and move on. I decided to check, and sure enough, the number of incorrect batteries increased, and the prices were no lower.

Amazon ResultsNow let's take a look at the Google results for the same search. The "Sponsored Results" which appear on the top of the page. Of the first "5", three results were from Amazon, two from other vendors. The lowest price was $39.88 for the correct battery; all were the correct battery. There is an arrow for additional items, many of which were from Amazon and Dell (the manufacturer of the laptop) all Sponsored.

The Google results were all "Sponsored," but the additional results, when you click on the arrow for more results, were less accurate. One nice feature from the "Google results" was the three different "Videos" just under the sponsored results showing viewers how to change the battery. It would seem that sponsorship affects Google as well.

Amazon is not dumb. For users who do like to drill down and find a particular item and price range, the results are clearer and presented in a better way. When I searched for a Television between $50 - $100, I did not see any featured televisions for more than $100, and on the bottom of the page items that would go well with my new Television, not mixed in with my results. I would suggest Amazon give the results for "viewers looking for a specific item" the same clear choices as to when you choose the drill-down selections, but I'm willing to bet their "Sponsors" wouldn't be as happy as their customers.

Google ResultsMy takeaway from all of this is that Amazon is more focused on "Sponsoring" than giving the correct results. Amazon has found a way to upsell the customer without the need for a salesperson. Amazon presents items the customer may not be looking for but are presented as "Selections" or "Most Popular" or my favorite sale, 5% now. Amazon and Google both know most shoppers are going to scan the first couple of selections and move on. If you want better results on Amazon with a lot less clutter select choices from the left side to narrow results and clean up the junk.

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It's all about how much money they can get out of customers. Anyone still on Amazon is actually cutting their own profits.

LPG [Jan. 24, 2020]

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The problem with Amazon is that they are reaching the point where they are going to be so large that they are not going to be allowed to fail.

Paul [Dec. 24, 2019]

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Focus on sales not solutions
Amazon is Too Busy Pushing Sponsors to Give Good Results
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