Using Yard Signs for Indoor or Outdoor Security Warning Sings

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Using Yard Signs for Indoor or Outdoor Security Warning Sings

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Nov. 26, 2019

Save on Outdoor Signs Frequently when businesses or security companies post a warning sign on their client's property, they use the standard metal signs. The Vinyl signs from Uline, while not fancy, are the cheapest online, at $10.00 each or five or more $8.00 each plus they have two-sided tape for indoor paste-up. Other sign stores such as offer them in other materials including Aluminum for $21.95 each or five or more at $19.42 each. However, these prices are for generic signs that are pre-designed.

What if you wanted to add a logo and custom phone number, or as in the case of a security company a license number? There is a solution that will give you the ability to put a warning sign outdoors or indoors, and cost you nearly half the price. You can print on a "Yard Sign" for $13.50 each for 5, and $6.45 each for 20 pieces. You can print in as many colors as you like and you can print whatever you like including your logo, phone number, whatever. PVC will stand up for a really long time, and so will the UV ink, indoors it will last for years. The nice thing about PVC it's light, so the shipping costs are lower.

If you plan on installing a PVC sign on a street sign in a private area you can make use of the holes that hold the "stop sign" or other signs. Measure the holes center to center they repeat over and over usually 1" apart. That way you can design the sign to anticipate having to put a screw through the material to attach it to the post. All you need is a washer protect the PVC material from the screw tearing through and you're done. If you want to hang the sign indoors you can use two sided tape, because the PVC is very light you don't need much tape to keep it from falling.

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The metal signs don't last that long and they rust, something the PVC doesn't do. Great idea.

Kyle [Dec. 16, 2019]
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That's the difference between professionals and salespeople. One gives you solutions and alternatives the other just gives you what you're asking for. Consumers need choices, not salespeople.

PAL [Dec. 03, 2019]
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