To Advertise in Print or Not

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To Advertise in Print or Not

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Oct. 22, 2019

Money Mailer / ValPak

Some businesses do better online. There are many circumstances where print advertising is cheaper and more effective, especially for those on a tight budget.

In my earlier article "Those Discount Magazines In The Mail They Work" I discuss advertising in Specialized Magazines such as those who feature electricians, plumbers, and construction companies. This week I received the ValPak envelope inside were many of the advertisers I had seen in the magazines.

I'm a firm believer in repeating ads over and over, getting customers to recognize a company and associate them with something they may need someday down the road. One of the advertisers, a plumbing company, took that to the next level when they placed two ads in the same Money Mailer. I don't think the duplicate ad was a mistake. Each ad appeared to be completely different (which it wasn't), and each ad contained a different toll-free number.

People who advertise online do A/B testing where two ads or more are shown. Once it is apparent which ad is doing better, the others are discarded. I have rarely seen this in print which makes me believe that the Money Mailer must have offered the advertiser a great deal on the second ad.

I am looking to highlight is if you do go and advertise with a magazine or Money Mailer format, you can get offers not available to those who don't. When I worked with one of the "Big Box" retailers marketing departments creating ads for magazines, Money Mailers, etc. there was always offers for discounts and free placements AKA filler.

If you've been thinking of advertising in print, the Money Mailer companies provide a "Free month" for signing for six months. I would recommend asking for what special offers or promotions they are currently offering, sometimes available only when asked. All "service" businesses should take a look at print advertising and either advertise in a magazine, specialty magazine, money mailer, or personalized post-card. You may be missing out on a more inexpensive effective method of advertising.

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