Train Your Employees on How to Talk to Customers

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Train Your Employees on How to Talk to Customers

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Sep. 16, 2019

Angry customer

We monitor our clients business online; it's one of the services we offer. Today I was notified by Google that one of our clients received a "one-star" review. I immediately opened my phone's browser and read the comments that a customer had posted, and this one was a doozie.

The customer visiting the clients' place of business with her wife, yes they are a single-sex couple. They were improperly greeted by one of the staff, who referred to them as Mr. and Mrs. "by mistake." This mistake could have easily been remedied with a simple "excuse me" or "I'm sorry, my mistake," but that wasn't how it ended. Instead, the employee upon being corrected, ignored the comment.

When it comes to business there are racial, sexual, or religions, just customers and employees, all deserving respect and courtesy. I still remember when I hired an employee who had AIDS, he was shocked that I could care less. I told him as far as I was concerned it was his skills I was interested in not his personal life. As far as his having AIDS, every employee who injured or cut themselves while using the machinery was given the supplies to clean up properly because who knows. End of story.

I told my client to immediately reply to the Google review by calling the customer to apologize, the client let the call go to voice mail. I then instructed my client to post a reply apologizing and recommended that they talk to the staff on how to better interact with visitors, regardless of their personal beliefs.

I would end here, except that I took a careful look at my clients' reviews, all of them. I noticed that there were other complaints against the staff members for being rude and impolite. I have instructed the client that they have to deal with this immediately and correct employees behavior or terminate them. This "attitude" is unacceptable and is hurting the businesses reputation which is costing them business.

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When it comes to customers and employees everyone needs to be treated as if they are important, is makes sense, and it makes good business sense.

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