Do Not Play Doctor Online You May Get More Than You Bargained For

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Do Not Play Doctor Online You May Get More Than You Bargained For

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Sep. 10, 2019

Don't Play Doctor Online

I was looking for images for a client when I stumbled across an advertisement on eBay for Opalescence Boost 40, a whitening system specifically designed for the professional dentist to apply. The seller did display the product expiration date but did not warn that the product was for professional use only. The price was nearly a third of what you'd expect to pay at the dentist, so I called my dentist to ask him about the item for sale. The listing on eBay for the Opalescence 40 is no longer available.

The dentist told me that the chemicals are quite strong, and should never be administered by anyone other than a professional dentist familiar with the product. The product is meant to be kept refrigerated, considering it is summertime, shipping by mail would need refrigeration. I didn't see the ad mention anything other than shipping included. The product also requires a UV lamp which is not included and is required when using the product; something the seller forgot to mention.

Today I went looking on Amazon to see if the product is listed there, and it wasn't. But there was a seller selling parts from the kit, and I was quite impressed with the honest answers they gave. The seller warned the gel was strong enough to burn your fingers or skin. Can you imagine what would happen inside the mouth if you didn't know how to use the product correctly?

I don't blame eBay for the listing, and I believe they took the product down, without my asking them. I blame consumers. Consumers think that they can play doctor/dentist and purchase items online. Whether it's medical devices, clinical, creams, CBD oils, how can someone purchase and use an item without fully understanding how to use them safely.

Opalsecence manufactures and distributes products for the consumer like their Whitening Toothpaste, as well as Boost products which contain gentler chemicals than the professional version. One way to get an idea of how strong the product is, you can see results whithin an hour using the expert system.

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5-Star Rating

The internet is good for alot of things, but it still has its limitations, and the old saying that a little knowledge is dangerous hold true.

Fresh Maine Loster [Oct. 20, 2019]
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5-Star Rating

You can get a lot of information from the internet but you always have to be aware of the source of that information, there is bias on many websites where a single opinion can sometimes not contain the whole answer.

Authentic Greek Desserts [Oct. 20, 2019]
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5-Star Rating

There's an expression, just enough knowledge to do damage, now we have the tools for fools who can do much more harm to themselves than ever before.

Stuart [Oct. 10, 2019]

4-Star Rating

I've been buying medical supplies from overseas companies saving me tons of money of the last year. But you are right about one think buyer beware so know what it is that you're buying. Some of my meds require refridgeration, I go locally for those.

Kyle 101 [Sep. 12, 2019]

5-Star Rating

As a dental technician there are a lot of products being sold direct to the consumer that leads them to believe that can play dentist, and sometimes at great risk to their teeth and mouth. There are some safe products but they end up costing more.

Bret [Sep. 10, 2019]

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