Website Design, is it asking too much?

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Website Design, is it asking too much?

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Dec. 12, 2018

Website design and SEO

I believe if someone pays for you to redesign a website and you charge more than $1,000 there are a couple of things that a website designer include.

The reason I am calling attention to this is that the following recently occurred.

A friend of mine called me the other day and asked me to review his site that he paid to have redesigned. The WordPress website he had designed years ago was not maintained and was overrun by links to porn, spam, and gambling; so he went out and hired a WordPress designer to redo his entire site.

The WordPress website was designed and up and running in a matter of weeks, and he had paid the design firm the full amount. After the completion, my friend called me and asked if I could help him attract more visitors since he wasn't getting any leads from his new website. The request was one of a personal favor.

I searched for his professional name on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and because he is a professional and his office is near where I live, his listing showed up on the first page. Expected. 

SEO's love to point out they can get you first-page placement, in this case, there was entirely no SEO work done at all for this website, Google is getting a lot better at giving the correct results. Google's results are now based on distance, Google Owner Profile, Name, and other key ingredients.

Next, I looked up his keywords, and he did not appear on any search. No surprise since there was absolutely no SEO work done on the website, no Meta Tags, no Description Tag, no H1 tags, you get the point.

Next, I went to Google and Bing to see if he had ownership of his listing and if his information was correct. No surprise the new Website Designer never bothered checking, and Google had two business profiles, one for his current location and the other to his old address. There was no Bing profile, and I requested a postcard be sent to him so that he could take ownership. 

I contacted Google, to remove the duplicate listing, and to update the hours of operation. Google took care of the corrections within one day, and my friend's customers will no longer be complaining they went to the wrong address. The Website Designer never asked if there were any issues with online search because my friend did not pay for "SEO" services.

Next, I ran an SEO report on my friend's site and discovered two broken links and main pages without H1 tags. After getting permission, I logged in and corrected the broken links, I also added Google Analytics tracking as well, Yoest SEO a Plug-in that helps with SEO and added meta tags to two of his websites main pages.

One final note, the Website Designer, never asked the correct questions to discover that the client had a LinkedIn account, because they only asked about Facebook, Instagram, left the social links on the website linking directly to those sites. My friend now has a Facebook account and his professional LinkedIn account linked and I removed all of the additional unused icons.

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