The Real Cost of Buying Business Cards Online

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The Real Cost of Buying Business Cards Online

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Sep. 06, 2019

Business Cards

Most people today still purchase business cards, after they're relatively inexpensive, and when meeting with someone for the first time, it feels natural to hand them a card. The average person doesn't give out more than a couple of hundred cards if even that much. So don't get distracted by 1,000, it's because, in reality, the real costs are processing not actual paper.

If you are lucky and have access to a traditional printer, then you're in luck because I went shopping online, and compared prices. For the most part, even though they are advertising between $10-30 by the time you check out expect to pay about $50 or more for 500 cards. The cheapest one below is VistaPrint at $30 for 500 cards and expect to wait two weeks to get the cards. Be careful, while checking things off, they are always trying to upsell, and add you to their email list, as well as offering additional printing and internet services as well.

In every case the website promised discounted pricing, which I checked and found to be nothing more than a gimmick, the prices are always discounted. And don't worry they all apply the discounts, it's the shipping and turnaround times you have to be on the lookout for.

MOO Print 2 sided business 16pt color both sides.

  1. Quantity 200 $69.99 (includes shipping)
  2. Quantity 1,000 $230.00 (includes shipping)
Pro's: They offer templates for easy design.
Con's: Expensive. Limited number of templates.

VistaPrint 2 sided 14pt

  • Quantity 500 $9.99*
  • Quantity 1,00 $19.99*

  • VistaPrint 2 sided 16pt
  • Quantity 500 $26.99*
  • Quantity 1,000 $47.24*

  • *Shipping is Extra
  • 3 Business Days $19.99
  • 4-6 Business Days $6.99
  • 8 Business Days $4.99

  • Pro's: They offer templates for easy design, and lots of them. Savings at 14pt with 6-8 business day shipping.
    Con's: Upselling at every turn. They subject you to go through turning off email signup twice. Offering free services, but only for the first month. Shipping is extra.

    48 Hours 16pt color both sides.

    1. Quantity 500 $29.58 (5 business days manufacturing**)
    2. Quantity 500 $30.50 (3 business days manufacturing**)
    3. Quantity 500 $48.80 (1 business days manufacturing**)
    1. Select an image ADD $1.30 each after 35% discount.
    *Shipping is Extra
    1. Pickup Van Nuys, CA $FREE
    2. 3 Day Transit $17.72
    3. 2 Day Transit $48.91
    4. 1 Day Transit $99.64
    Pro's: Lots of stock images. They offer templates for easy design. If you live nearby you can pick up the cards for free.
    Con's: You have to pay for any images used. No Real discount, they automatically add it for you. No inexpensive ground shipping.

    For a comparison, I went to a local printer as well. I was told they sell only 1,000 business cards, because there is a difference of only $1 for 500, and almost no one selects 500. The price I was quoted was for Coated or Uncoated, paper thickness of 12pt, 14pt, or 16pt, printing 1 or 2 sides, in full color, was $35.00 for the cards + $10 shipping. The turnaround time was 2 business days and 3-5 days shipping via UPS ground.

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    I bought a box of business cards from one of the above and I ended up paying nearly $70 with the shipping, plus I got a ton of junk mail which I cannot get them to stop sending me.

    Ralphy Boy [Sep. 10, 2019]

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