Email is Your Greatest Risk and You Cannot Live Without It

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Email is Your Greatest Risk and You Cannot Live Without It

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Sep. 05, 2019

No Phishing No Spam

The weakest link in most organizations and personal computers is without question email. 92% of malware is delivered by email. 56% of IT Managers consider Phishing attacks their number one priority. [Source: CSO]

Protect your email. Avoid placing your email address online, unless necessary. If you have a website, instead of displaying your email, try using an email form. There is a technique called scraping, where an entire website's data is collected and processed. One of the main targets is the collection of email addresses. So if you don't like unsolicited email, you should not place your email on display for all to copy. When purchasing a domain name most people choose not to hide the owner's information, expect spam to this address, it's inevitable.

Often we give our email address out so that we can have access to websites or content. The purchase price for access is your approving the entity to contact you by either email and phone. I've created a burner email address for this purpose. Whenever I want to access or comment on an article, I must first sign in. I do so using an email address that I access from my browser. I use a browser with the strictest security settings to access that email, including viewing it in plain text as opposed to HTML. I frequently go in and wipe the entire account clean, erasing all of the emails that have accumulated. The reason I have turned HTML off is so that no code activates when I open the email, thus making a phishing attack much more difficult. If there is a link, I copy it and paste it to my browser, and if the URL doesn't square with where I'm going, I don't press the "Enter" key.

Another way to prevent hazardously or junk email is to use a filtering service. A filtering service checks for spam daily, and if they detect spam or malicious email, those messages are blocked, and you will never see them in your "In Box." There is a cost associated with this service.

If I unsubscribe, in most cases, businesses remove me. In some instances, businesses don't keep records of unsubscribed emails, and you can end up getting an unwanted email again. I suggest marking the email as spam. Some email platforms get feedback on spam so you may be doing someone else a favor by marking the unwanted email as spam.

To summarize, keep a burner email account for non-essential email, non-business related email. When opening an email, use a browser with security and protection, they'll alert you if you click on a dangerous link (most of the time). Try to use an email service that scans email for junk and viruses like Gmail, and I still would recommend viewing that email in text and on a secure browser. Make sure your browser security is set as high as possible and your email preferences set to view email as plain text. If you feel the desire to click on a link, copy the link and view it carefully after pasting it into your browser (before pressing enter). If there is something that looks wrong, instead of clicking on the link, visit the website directly.

Credits: Hostek, CSO, Google, Microsoft

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Email providers like Yahoo and Google for the most part are adept at catching spam and other junk, why not use something that is free that's got your back?

West Coast Hotrod [Sep. 14, 2019]

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Once again I agree with your assessment that you have to be careful when it comes to email. When companies hire a security professional they tend to test the employees with trick emails, ones that will get you fired for breaking corporate policy.

Roofman [Sep. 05, 2019]
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