Every Move is Being Tracked Online

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Every Move is Being Tracked Online

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Aug. 25, 2019

They are watching you

Incognito mode? Safe Surfing? Not quite.

It's a jungle out there, and your the main course. Many sites that you visit online contain tracking systems from some of the big players like Google, Yahoo, and Amazon, and are shared to create a profile of you. To top it all off, you are assigned an identification number so that all of your actions across networks will be identifiable.

Like to share to Twitter, Facebook, and others? Well, they've found another way to track your online usage. Many websites have a "Facebook Pixel" installed, and every time you visit a page containing the pixel, the action is recorded and tracked.

Your computers screen resolution*, IP address, system information, and physical location make your computer unique and identifiable; combining to create a user fingerprint. And that identity cannot be hidden even when you're online using privacy settings.

So how can you stop all of this tracking? You really can't unless you are willing to put some work into it. Virtual Private Network's are good, but require an additional level using a browser that blocks these websites from accessing or attributing your computer's actions.

The browser from Firefox allows you to do a "Standard" blocking of trackers which enable third-party cookies to track you. Strict Setting may "cause some sites not to perform properly." Strick Settings will block known trackers, third-party tracking cookies, Cryptominers, and Fingerprinters (based on your system and location). However, with Firefox, you can allow individual sites to be exempt from the restrictions so that they function correctly. I would also suggest that if using Firefox, you delete all cookies and erase history at the end of each session.

On Google Chrome there are plenty of settings for security, and you're going to have to find a balance between privacy and convenience. Remember, the more comfortable you make things for yourself online, the more likely you're sharing your activity. You can also load a second browser with the strictest of settings for when you don't want someone following you.

*Screen resolution. A simple trick to make it more difficult for your computer to be "fingerprinted", is to manually adjust your screen size each time you start a browser session.

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5-Star Rating

It's absolutely insane on how much information we are allowing them to collect on us, it's like we are selling our souls.

Fred [Sep. 17, 2019]

5-Star Rating

Does the risk increase on lower quality sites? Or are you basically tracked throughout the entire online surfing process?

WisdomTooth [Aug. 28, 2019]

5-Star Rating

Why is it every time we hear claims from software makers who design the browsers like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft we later discover it's all just a bunch of lies? At some point people are just going to start fighting and cutting back.

CarMan [Aug. 28, 2019]

5-Star Rating

I was under the assumption that Private Mode was private, but now you're telling me that's not the case. I feel like I cannot trust anything online anymore.

Dan [Aug. 25, 2019]

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