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Starting a business get ready to spend

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Aug. 04, 2019


I received a call from someone who was looking to promote their business on social and pay-per-click. The person mentioned they had been advertising on Craigslist for several years. However, recently, they have seen their sales drop. They were interested in social marketing and perhaps pay-per-click. Why not? Social is free. I politely asked for their budget, what they were willing to spend on advertising their "new" social account(s)? The person offered a budget of $50.00; it was what he had been spending on Craigs List per month. There are plenty of companies out there that would have taken his money with promises they couldn't possibly keep. Keywords are expensive for "roof," where the average spend is in the neighborhood of $10-30,000, there's lots of competition and high bids on the keywords.

There was a time when posting to social networks and gaining followers was pretty simple. Put up a decent post; if people liked the social post, they often would click like and perhaps follow. Companies spent thousands of dollars acquiring followers on social networks, only to have Facebook and other media outlets allow for people to like but un-follow the social account. That wasn't enough because many businesses were still getting volume traffic and didn't require advertising.

The problem with FREE is that it doesn't work very well when companies are forced to spend money on advertising and software development. Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube invest in software development, so they need to earn money to continue, which is where advertising comes in to play (or should I say pay?).

After trying gimmicks like Facebook requiring 20,000 followers for a badge (not all pages are required to have that many). For most small businesses to reach that number, they are going to have to pay for ads that are designed and promoted to gain followers, resulting in thousands of dollars spent.

The timeline is manipulated not showing all page followers your most recent post. For example, a post on Facebook reached 331 people, even though they have over 5,000 followers. Even a popular post on that same page had many likes and shares it only reached 770 views.

My favorite is when companies "purchase likes or followers," you have to be careful. Some of these questionable sites offer free likes or followers, some for a fee, some hope to lure you in and later start charging. (See the previous article of Fake Likes.) Other sites require your "username and password." Would you trust someone you have no clue about with your username and password? I hope you answered no.

Facebook and Instagram allow for "Stories" that appear on the top of the page feed, and while they are great, they're only up for a short period. Reposting "on your story," repeating, to catch more peoples eyes; those who see the same posts too often may stop following your posts and stories altogether.

A large number of people are moving away from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter (as well as others). Businesses now find themselves once again spending to rebuild their numbers of followers on Social Media. You can try to post great posts, but many small businesses cannot afford to have someone with the skills to post all day long. Then there's the content, clip-art is great. Eventually, so many people use it that piece of footage or image, it becomes generic and almost useless. Even if you can possess this ability to post quality material, you might find that you're going to have to spend some money anyway.

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You're not kidding about roofing costs on pay per click averaging $7.00 or more per click, with anything less than $210 per month you'll only get one click per day.

Roofman [Aug. 04, 2019]

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I took a look at the cost of gaining followers on Twitter and it can cost nearly $2.34 per follower, how am I supposed to compete with the big guys who can drop $100 - $500 a day?

China [Aug. 04, 2019]
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