Fake Likes, Who is Fooling Who?

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Fake Likes, Who is Fooling Who?

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Jul. 26, 2019

Searching to buy likes

Let's all be honest, an ad for an appliance is not going to get nearly as many "likes" as say a picture of a model. Many teens who post online, give likes to friends posts to get likes, and the cycle continues. Are likes so important? The answer is an emphatic NO! Results are. Are people clicking through to your site? Are they calling? Or are they completing a form?

There is news that Instagram may be looking at hiding likes from posts in the future, and they even have a solution for those wishing to hide likes on their feed. So what's going on? We all know "likes" show a posts popularity.

The reason most businesses post to social is that they attempt at getting viewers attention so that the viewer will proceed with an action. The viewers' response may be a click on a link, click to call, complete a survey. The goal is to get them to buy, share information, or learn about the product or service.

"Page followers" can choose to hide your posts even though they are following your page. In most cases, they hide that they are blocking the posts because they do not want to offend the owner, poster, or friend. On friends' posts, if I see that they have a low number, I click "like.", and why not it will make them feel good about their post. Businesses that post more than twice a week on my timeline, unless it's something new and vital, I hide their "posts" from my feed. The worst part for the owner is that all future posts will never be viewed and owner is not even aware of it. You can also turn off a page or person that you are following for 30 days on Facebook, again without the owner never being aware.

There are a couple of reasons that social networking companies are looking at eliminating likes. For one likes can be used in bullying, want to know who the popular kids are? Take a look at your kids' timeline; if they are "popular," the "likes" may very well show that. Another reason that Instagram is looking at doing away with likes is because of a dirty secret. SEO companies buy likes for their client's posts, some to get additional visibility for that post, people tend to pay attention to a higher number of likes, and the post can appear in more timelines. Some disreputable SEO's purchase the likes to give their clients the impression that a post or posts are successful.

If you visit any search engine and type in "buy likes" numerous businesses are offering the service for a fee. These unscrupulous companies even offer "Apps," so the buyer can select which posts on the run. I tested one the other day that was offering a FREE sampling; they claimed I could boost my recent posts by 15 "likes." The results were surprising, in every trial, there were 20 or more "likes" added within minutes. Very smart, and a "tell" you're dealing with scammers, they want buyers to believe there's a chance they'll get even more than they are purchasing. Upon review of the accounts that "liked" my posts another "tell" was easy to spot. In each case, the sequence of "bots" or fake names was identical, appearing in nearly the same order.

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5-Star Rating

I had a company that offered hundreds of likes for a fee per post, after a couple of weeks I realized that it wasn't leading to shares or sales. Waste of time and money.

Ken [Aug. 13, 2019]

1-Star Rating

The goal is to get more people to see the post, because the more clicks one gets the higher it is on the feed and it will induce others to click the like button. It's actually used by my agency all the time and it does work.

big [Jul. 31, 2019]

3-Star Rating

I got an email today from someone claiming they could get me thousands of likes of Instagram and Facebook for $100. I gave it a try and it works, lots of other people liked it too.

BlackJack [Jul. 29, 2019]

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