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Save when shopping online

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Jul. 19, 2019

Free stuff same price

The task was simple, to find a video camera. The requirements were a camera that can capture 4K, compact, image stabilization, excellent quality image, and wouldn't break the bank.

After researching online and watching numerous YouTube videos, we selected the Panasonic HC-WXF991. The first step was to go to Google Search and look for sellers of the video camera. Google provides the results along with sponsored pricing (noted with the results). One thing that struck me was the fact that nearly all the prices were identical. I clicked on the link compare prices; the only difference was that that the price was only lower on "used" cameras. On Amazon, eBay, B&H Photo, Adorama, and all the others the price for the Panasonic HC-WXF991 was $797.99. All companies offered free expedited shipping.

What you have to understand is that manufacturers are getting strict about online pricing, not allowing resellers to lower prices below a certain dollar point. There is a workaround for those who are willing to invest some time because to get around the "price restrictions" some resellers toss in free stuff or offer extended warranty coverage.

On the seller Adorama's website, they offered the camera in three configurations (see image). The first option on the page was the basic camera for $799.99. The second option came bundled with a bunch of accessories for $875.99. The third option was $799.99, but it included FREE accessories including a camera bag, 32GB Class 10 memory card, cleaning kit, filter kit, and memory card wallet. Plus there's no out of state sales tax, so you can save another fifty or sixty dollars if you live outside of New Jersey and the New York States.

On the website B&H Photo the price was again $799.99. However, there was a link which is no longer on the page from Panasonic valid until March 31, 2020). The offer is for a FREE warranty extension from 1 to 3 years (available on many other Panasonic camera's and camcorders as well). Again here residents living outside of New York and New Jersey are not charged sales tax. I suspect the offer was removed because B&H charges $79.99 for that same warranty, disappointing.

Next, I went to Amazon and eBay; after all, it was "Amazon Prime, day." Lot's of other stuff on sale, but no special offers, and Amazon does charge sales tax. On eBay, there were the same offers, lots of packages, but nothing outstanding.

I would suggest buying the camera from Adorama the actual invoice was $807.95, eight dollars more than it should have been. Not too bad considering the $50.00 in free accessories, while nothing outstanding the 32GB memory card and case are usable. Go to the Panasonic website and get the additional two years warranty for free, a savings of $79.99, and if you live outside of New York and New Jersey you will save even more (on sales tax).

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5-Star Rating

Today you really have to investigate the product you are buying especially electronics where sellers try pawning off older versions of products.

Sammy [Aug. 15, 2019]
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4-Star Rating

Amazon makes it easy to return merchandise, and unline other pays for the return shipping.

CoffeeLover [Aug. 12, 2019]
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5-Star Rating

I tried your idea and it turned out my product also had a free warranty from the manufacturer that my seller was not advertising. :-(

Jack [Jul. 24, 2019]
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