Thanks to the Internet You Are Paying More

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Thanks to the Internet You Are Paying More

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Jul. 09, 2019

Are you getting the best price

If you are looking for a brand name product like an Apple's iPad the prices are all pretty much the same. The reason for that is if a business wants to remain an Apple distributor, they cannot sell their "brand name" products for less than a certain predetermined amount. Apple forced Amazon to play by their rules by limiting Amazon's product sales, they worked it out by removing all independent sellers from Amazon, and now Amazon is an Apple-certified reseller. If you want to find these independent sellers, you're going to have to shop elsewhere. [Read about it here.]

Other manufacturers have caught on an in the vacuum cleaner business many of the high-end manufacturers require all of their authorized resellers to not publish prices below a certain amount, except when there is a sale again approved by the manufacturer. The penalty for non-compliance is the manufacturer cutting off their relationship and supply of products. Some businesses try skirting the rules by offering 10% off of everything on their website, with an asterisk disclaimer, not for the customers, instead, for the manufacturers and suppliers.

On the website e[removed] there is a pop-up announcing 10% off all merchandise with the disclaimer on the bottom of the page "*Coupon excludes Bissell, Miele, Sebo, Shark, Nutone, Ladybug, Windsor, Dyson, Windsor, JE Adams, & Others." My favorite part of the disclaimer is the word "others." No, they are not trying to trick the consumer; they are trying to get around their limitations from their suppliers. If you call their toll-free number, they will at first tell you that the product is not included, but after confirming you're not the supplier, they will offer the discount over the phone not online. They are not the only ones. I called multiple vacuum resellers after visiting their websites, and they all offered the same deal, free shipping, and 10% off shipped directly from the manufacturer/supplier.

I recently went online to my favorite camera store B&H Photo in New York, if you've been to their store, you'd understand why. I was shopping for a new remote control video camera along with remote control pan and tilt head. The camera I had chosen was the Panasonic 4K HD Twin Camera, and as most of us do today, I looked for a lower price. The first thing you will notice is that Amazon, B&H, and all the others list it for the same price. Except for this time the shoe is on the other foot. You see New York businesses cannot collect Florida sales tax, so my $2,500 order is $175 less than Amazon.

Aren't you glad you have Prime now?

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4-Star Rating

I took your idea one step further and found a website with the same pricing that offered free accessories, while not that impressive there was nearly $50 in gadgets and they too were not located in my state, saving me on sales tax.

Your Pal [Jul. 18, 2019]
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5-Star Rating

I don't even bother with Amazon anymore I just type the product into Google Search and it compares the prices, but the writer is correct about the fact that nowadays all the prices are the same and shipping is free.

KnightRider [Jul. 11, 2019]

5-Star Rating

I'm surprised that there aren't more articles like this. Car shopping is the best example. The price listed online after all the charges is never what's shown, call a broker and they will be less.

Shopaholic [Jul. 09, 2019]

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