Adult Websites Are Too Risky

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Adult Websites Are Too Risky

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Jul. 05, 2019

Criminals Stay Out

Adult websites are notorious for criminal activity and fraud. Many of the sites contain links to malicious code that will load in your browser. If you make the mistake of giving an email address, expect a tremendous amount of spam in your email. Still interested?

Before you begin you are going to need to do a couple of things. First, you are going to need to get a prepaid debit card, many of these sites don't accept the prepaid cards from stores. Do not link a bank account to this debit card, instead fund it and disconnect the accounts immediately, I will explain later. Next, create a new email account just for this activity, because once they get their hands on your email address, expect 30-50 emails daily depending on your account setup.

You are going to have to prepare your computer next. So that you leave no evidence, I would recommend Firefox and running in Incognito mode and turning off all tracking, even in Incognito Google tracks your activity to a certain extent. Since it is more than likely, you will encounter viruses and malicious code; you are going to want to have Avast or some other excellent virus protection software that can prevent your computer from being taken control of or monitored.

Remember when setting up your account you should never give your real name, which as it turns out is worthless because the credit card is going to have it. I would recommend at least not using a username that would identify you in the real world; I would also warn against loading any actual pictures and especially any video.

When signing up, most websites allow you to sign up for free, but it's pretty much a scam, while you will see other users, many of whom are fake, you will not be able to interact with them. The idea is to get you to set up the account, complete as much information, and then let you discover that you can join for a couple of days for a minimal dollar amount. Once you have paid, you will find that they charge for you to contact others, and depending on the website, each message will cost, again a minimal amount.

What the sites are going to try to do is get you to watch, and of course, pay for live porn. The live porn is sometimes free for a while, but again they will be looking for you to spend money. Many of the "women" on the site are going to strike up conversations, requiring you to spend more money by chatting back and forth or visiting them on one for their "live performance," again for a minimal fee.

Some sites warn users, most likely to indemnify themselves from lawsuits, not to share any video that you don't want everyone else on the internet to see. Many of the sites are traps than try to ensnare watchers by sharing their video. To protect yourself you are going to need to make sure your video camera on your computer is covered up so they cannot record you.

At this time you might want to start watching your Debit Card, which will get more charges than you remember authorizing, it's not your imagination, the entire process is corrupt. They are betting that you are not going to report the crime or fight the charges because you are too embarrassed.

If you are still thinking about visiting one of these websites, go ahead, but you're wasting your time and your money.

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4-Star Rating

You would think that adult sites would want clients to trust them, it only makes business sense. We believe in privacy and not taking advantage of the customer.

Dan [Jul. 20, 2019]
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4-Star Rating

Anyone foolish enough to visit an adult content site has to expect that they're information is not safe and they are opening themselves up to security issues. At our company anyone who visits an adult site at work is terminated immediately.

Hack [Jul. 17, 2019]

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