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No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Jun. 30, 2019

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My most significant fault when working with clients is trying to make every customer happy. So when a client of mine whose site I have been cleaning for quite some time improving their online presence, repairing the images and movies on their website, requested to make changes I let them. The changes they claimed helped with the spelling and grammar (the way they would like it to read), I told them to send me the new content. Well as it turned out the misspelled word was one of those you can spell two different ways, and the grammar changed to a more formal approach. Regardless, I went ahead and swapped out the old content and replaced it with the new fresh content.

Big mistake. You see for some time I have been adjusting the content on the clients' website, increasing their ranking on search, the clients' business manager removed keywords I had improved and edited over time. All gone.

So it was no big surprise that when I ran an audit on the site, I do this for all clients' regularly, Google no longer ranked an essential keyword for their home page (main page on the website), not lowered, gone altogether.

I realize that people want to be involved in their website thinking they are going to be the next star and go viral, but let's be honest, what most of us do for a living, no one cares all that much about it. Now there are certainly things worth posting and events that I'm sure customers or clients would like to hear concerning the employees and the business. But like that restaurant in Brooklyn, I no longer follow, after twenty dishes, like a bad meal it repeats on you.

Half the callers and nearly all the email you receive from people trying to improve your website are frauds. The SEO secrets they are spewing are yesterday's news, and many are out of date. I like to point out that a tip appearing on the New York Times on January 1, 2019, I had been using since September 2016, and no longer had the value it once did. It still works, but it requires much more work and effort than the article led on.

So here's where I'm at "if you don't think I'm doing my job find someone else to do it" unless you would appreciate my visiting your office and telling you how to do your job correctly. When I explained the interference from employees to my client and the fallout from said actions, I put it this way. "Imaging I came to your office for a service, and I told you how to do your job, and my actions caused a mishap, how would you feel?

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Management is all about managing and should only be left to the professionals.

CBDoil [Jul. 11, 2019]
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The customer is not always right, and allowing them to tell you how to run your business or do your job will eventually cause you to lose that client.

Dan the Man [Jun. 30, 2019]

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Editing Content
No More Mr. Nice Guy
[Web SEO] Jun-30-2019: Allowing someone without training tell you how do do your job is not doing your job at all.
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