Prepare for disaster - Back Up. Part II

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Prepare for disaster - Back Up. Part II

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Jun. 21, 2019

Are you safe Part 2

When creating a website, it is best to begin by creating a backup strategy. Hackers are the reason most websites backup because owners are afraid of losing their data. Data can be erased, corrupted, edited, or deleted maliciously or by accident.

Backing up makes sense. With a backup, you can erase the website and quickly populate it with your files. A necessary restore can be done in less than an hour if you have control of your backup files.

But what do you backup? Many Content Management Systems, such as Wordpress offer plugins that offer additional functions such as backups. I have never seen any website that I have come in contact with that had that plugin installed and licensed. Many of the plugins for Wordpress offer a free version, which requires the user to manually backup, whereas for a small fee you can set up backup times as well as how many backups to keep on file. Remember, storage is usually not unlimited, so more than a couple of backups may wipe out your available storage space.

Hosting companies such as Hostek backup clients data automatically, but the user has no control over the time of the automated backup. GoDaddy offers backups for an additional fee or as part of other services, again hereto there is no controlling the backup schedule. I have worked with many hosting companies in restoring files, and I am pleased to say that they are pretty good about getting the data back.

If you have a CMS website, and you've installed a plugin to backup your files, select the default, it usually contains pretty much everything, so unless you know what you are doing don't mess around with the customizations.

What many people ignore is the original creation files, such as the original vector files to create their logo and other assets. Those files if lost will require someone recreating the digital assets, which can cost time and money. I tell clients following any website completion that all logos, media, and files relating to that site under their control at the time of payment.

There is another threat to websites, and while not happening, that often can be a big problem as well. Some hosting companies stop upgrading forcing website owners to move their website, or worse a hosting company going out of business and your files lost forever.

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5-Star Rating

People think that the free services are going to always be there to automatically backup, but Google announced they turned off auto backup on pics for the phone. I'd hate to lose all my photos.

Jax [Jul. 04, 2019]

4-Star Rating

Ironic that you are mentioning backups following the revelation that Microsoft was no longer automatically backing up resource files automatically to save disc space, without telling anyone

Ralphyboy [Jun. 30, 2019]
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5-Star Rating

You would think that backups are automatic, but if they are not on a regular basis, you will end up with loading back in outdated files.

Wolf Man [Jun. 27, 2019]
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5-Star Rating

You can never have too many backups or too many gigs of ram.

MarkyMark [Jun. 26, 2019]

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