Is your site going to get hacked Part I

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Is your site going to get hacked Part I

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Jun. 14, 2019

Is your website safe?

How safe is your website? Can someone take over control of your website or add links to adult content, gambling, or more? The answer is yes. The key is a plan to deal with the eventuality and prepare in advance of any event that could damage your website and your reputation.

Whenever someone tells me their website is protected, I reply that the White House during the Obama Presidency was hacked and so to was the FBI's website. The NSA was hacked, which led to millions of websites getting hacked. Nearly every large company has experienced hacking, and sometimes the criminals leave the site loaded with dangerous content and links. More recently many owners of Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, have seen their websites get attacked, so it's not a question of if, it's more a question of when and how do you respond to it.

Whether you believe your website can be attacked, as a website owner, you have a responsibility to your visitors. This post is going to give you some ideas, whenever possible, I will try to recommend free or inexpensive solutions, the point is you need to be proactive.

If you are using a CMS platform such as Wordpress, have someone monitor the site regularly. There are two forms of monitoring; one is to follow if your website goes down online, the other is to review the site for trouble visually.

There are plenty of FREE website monitoring services (we pay for added options), and they will check your site every couple of minutes, and tell you that your website is not responding. If your site is down, you will receive an alert, and you can get to the problem right away. I recommend going to Search and selecting the online monitoring service that best fits your needs.

The next step sounds obvious, checking the website's content and seeing if something is amiss. If you have a blog and you allow people to post comments, I strongly recommend monitoring your site daily and do not allow just anyone to post links. I would also suggest you set up comments where the post requires someone approving it first before it ever appears on your website.

One of my clients, who first called on us after their site came under attack, was removed from Google Search altogether. None of their pages were showing on Google. Upon inspection, we cleaned out the posts and links, turned off the ability for anyone to add a comment. Easy to do because the website did not have a blog. After contacting Google, the site was back up on search the following morning. Had someone been watching the site, they could have prevented Google from ever noticing it in the first place. More importantly, visitors to the site would not have been treated to all the porn and gambling links.

The greatest danger to a website is when the site is hacked, and malicious code is injected. The malicious code can send visitors to your site to other websites, or worse infect their device. We use McAfee Secure, and the service is free for the first 500 human visitors (they try to ignore bots) each month to your site. Your website is monitored, and if they discover any malicious code, they warn you and your visitors. If the site is operating correctly, visitors will see "This site has earned the McAfee SECURE certification" when they click on the icon.


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Our Wordpress site was overrun by bad links and posts better be careful.

USA [Jul. 05, 2019]
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We had to drop WordPress because of all of the hacking and inserting requiring us to constantly update and fix problems.

Wolf Man [Jun. 27, 2019]
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