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Is the Phone Number Working

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May. 28, 2019


A little while back, I was hired to help a client generate traffic on their website. I realized that there was a problem with "Organic Search," they were getting little to no traffic. I added a business listing on multiple websites to create a presence and backlinks. Next, I moved the site from Wix to WordPress (not by my choosing) and adjusted the content to make it appear fresher without all of the overused clip art.

After moving the website, I added multiple pages of content and continued with creating backlinks and started focusing on Social, which in the past was neglected. After creating content for social, I added materials to the website to better help explain why the client's product was better than the competition. Traffic increased on paid, and free, which included search engines and social posts traffic, to the point where they were equal to the paid.

But there was a problem, while the website was eventually refreshed from top to bottom with new "licensed" images, "custom" content, and video's, no one was calling the company, and only small numbers of people were contacting the site through the online forms.

Frustrated, I called the number on the website, to my surprise the phone number was not working. It turns out the client was paying an online service, and something went awry. I tried the number in the past, and it had taken six rings to get answered, that I was assured would not happen again. Two days later, the phone number was tested yet again by an employee, and while it rang, there was no answer, and voice mail failed to answer the call.

I had tried calling the phone number when I first started, it worked; and tested it again after rebuilding the website along with the contact forms. The lesson here is that I will now be checking phone numbers manually as I do with sites even though I am tracking them for outages.

Two clients recently ignored their bills from their hosting company and were temporarily taken down for not paying their bills, something that was remedied with me on the phone guiding them to the correct pages on their hosting company. I track all of my client's websites; I get a notification when their site has a problem, and when it is back up and running.

Lesson learned. I will be testing clients phone numbers regularly as well because many of them have dedicated phone numbers specifically for their website or other projects, making them easier to track.

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