Why is Everything Important with Search?

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Why is Everything Important with Search?

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May. 16, 2019

Search is a maze

Google today at its conference revealed what is essential when it delivers search results on its website.

  1. "You have to have excellent content. And that means you have to have content, etc., that serves a purpose for the user." As for what kind of content "speak the language searcher is using."
  2. Meta Data, descriptions, and Page Titles.
  3. Performance and Speed.

The Google spokesperson mentioned that there are two-hundred points of data that are disseminated that produce a search result . So now what does that mean for the average website? Well, if you think you can design a beautiful site with lots of bells and whistles and people are going to come running, you're wasting your time and your money, and probably hurting your business.

A client of mine who I designed a website for back in February called me this evening. His complaint was that his websites traffic was down to zero in the last week and he wanted to know why? He thought it might have to do with the platform I chose, or something else. What he didn't realize is that SEO only goes so far, and a website needs to be maintained and updated. His site has all the meta tags necessary, and his website loads in less than 1.5 seconds, less than the three seconds Google recommends.

So what is he missing? The site content hasn't been refreshed or added to in months, making his content stale and Google has no reason to visit on a regular basis, perhaps no more than once a month. I asked my client what he was doing in regards to social media? Was he posting relevant content, building up an audience of followers? No. Was he posting articles or comments on other websites in order to get backlinks to his site? Again No. Was he paying for advertising or PPC (pay per click)? Again, No.

The reason the traffic was so high in the beginning was we were creating freshly updated content. My team was also working on backlinks as well as promoting the site to get it started, which got multiple search engines to rank the site higher. We posted to social for the client while the site was being created, but once we finished, and no additional services were desired, we stopped promoting the website. The mistake the client made was not continuing where we left off with regular updates and improving the site on social and elsewhere.

I'll repeat this, there are over 1 Billion websites, and there are 7.8 Billion people, half of which that do not have internet access. You have to maintain and freshen your website all the time.

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All I know is that the more content the better our traffic.

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