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Anatomy of a Landing Page

Apr. 05, 2019

Landing Page

For those of you who are not familiar with a "landing page", it is a page designed specifically for someone clicking on an ad or article. The idea is to get the person who is visiting to purchase a product or service, submit their contact information, or call the business.

In the graphic to the right, the logo and phone number have been removed at the request of the client. The landing page illustrated had 5 key points as well as some design elements that I will delve into, to better explain what makes the page tick.

For the background (partially cut off on the left), we selected the building where the client is situated. We wanted to show easy access and emphasize that it is well maintained and allows for drop-offs on rainy days, it rains quite frequently in Florida. In order for the visitor to get an idea of the entire image, we allowed some of the picture to show through just a tiny bit.

The only other image on the landing page (1) is the product that is being featured, "Dental Implants". Each of the products and services should have their own landing page so that they can be custom tailored with specific images, links, etc.

The next item is the actual "offer" (2) with a brief description of what is being included and the additional savings the visitor can save by purchasing this service. There is a "Call to Action" telling the visitor they can click to call right now to schedule an appointment, skipping the need to complete the contact information.

Next, are links (3) to key pages on the website, including the entire offer, a link to determining "is this product right for the visitor," as well as frequently asked questions regarding the product.

If the visitor is determined to fill out a contact form (4), we allow for the least amount of typing required. Requesting the person's name, phone number, email address, and a drop down with a limited number of replies.

The last point is the Facebook Messenger icon (5). There are other services available from many companies with lots of features, in this case, it was determined to not be worth the investment. The icon automatically opens to reveal "Hi, how can we help you? with the option to communicate via Facebook Messenger. If the visitor chooses this method there are four questions that pop-up with the most frequently asked questions and it is designed to answer them immediately so that the visitor is engaged in the process.

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