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I Have Fallen and Cannot Get Back Up!

Mar. 28, 2019

Falling from the sky

Are you the owner of the business? Then this article is for you. No this is not an article about slip and falls or lawsuits this is about websites, social media, and all of the accounts connected to your business website.

Let's start with the ownership of your website, you went through all that trouble getting the right "website domain name", and then just like that you lost control of it. Many people hire a website designer to build a website, usually having no experience, allow the designer to purchase the domain name for them. DON'T!

Many website designers who believe the customer owes them money, for whatever the reason, hold the domain name for ransom. I have one client with three domain names out there because two of the companies believe he owes them money, and continue to bill him, requiring him to pay off the new total amounts before handing the account over. The problem is he just moved and depending on which site a visitor goes to they could end up at the wrong address.

Another place that seems to be much more prevalent is social media, with companies having a Facebook account, Twitter account, and other accounts. Facebook for all the bad press it's gotten lately is one of the easiest to control when it comes to "sharing" control of the business account.

After creating a "Business Page" you can add others and assign their roles so that if you decide to remove them, they are gone for good. However, if you allow an employee to do this or an Agency, then you are allowing them to set the rules. Should they leave, you may lose control of part of your Business Page's functions at the very least.

Someone with a "Business Page" and "Advertising Account" where the ad account controls all of the users, is another way for someone to hijack the ads portion of the account. Even though you may be an owner, they actually have higher privileges and you cannot remove them from Facebook by yourself.

Then there are the myriad of additional services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, where the owner has access to the company mailing list, and the employee could easily erase it (some companies back up files automatically, but I wouldn't bank on the free ones) but they can take you down while you prove ownership a process that can take 2-3 business days or more.

Before an employee resigns or you are forced to fire them, or planning on getting rid of an advertising agency, check to make sure that someone at the organization you trust actually controls all of the accounts you have.

Don't create fake accounts, especially if you are using them on social media to control your advertising or your business account. A company recently replaced its person in charge of Social and that person while transferring lost control of their fake personal account. It turned out they could not complete the task because of the Social Media closing their fake personal account. The social media account they created was just for work, they already had another account, but mistakenly they assumed they needed another account to disassociate themselves. On Facebook, a business page does not show the owner unless listed, and no one can see who's in charge or the page, so there is no reason to create a fake account.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as social media companies, have been cracking down on fake user accounts. If a business account is controlled by a fake user, and that fake user is canceled by the social media company, you're going to have to reconnect to that business manually. Not fun.

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