Facebook reveals your advertising campaigns

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Facebook reveals your advertising campaigns

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Mar. 05, 2019

Spying on Facebook

A client's websites received a contact yesterday evening, hoping to reach the owner after hours, only to have one of our customer service team members answer it instead. They were selling leads and were offering ten calls per day, for a fee.

The pitch was "we have plenty of customers for you if you're willing to pay" and when politely told no thank you, replied with a screenshot showing there were no ads currently running on Facebook; then following up with an attempt to try and sell their services for Facebook. The customer had none running at that time a new campaign began today.

The same person, attempting to see if they would get someone else this morning, contacted the client again with the exact pitch. What they failed to realize is that most contact systems including Facebook Messenger keep a log of visitors with the discussion. So much for knowing their way around Facebook, of which Messenger is an integral part.

What I find troubling is that Facebook ads should not be accessible to third parties, because then your competitors can monitor your advertising. But according to Connectio.io not only can they view running campaigns, "They can flag your ads as inappropriate for no reason", which by the way happened to this client just two weeks ago. Facebook pulled the ad down, and it required going back and forth, delaying the ads running for two days.

It's bad enough that there are companies out there that your competition can visit, to learn about your advertising campaigns, I don't think Facebook who is charging you for that ad should be making it that easy.

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