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2016 Kia Soul EV and charger
After Two Years The Kia Soul EV Still The Right Choice
[Dec-02-2019: Shopping] Driving an electric car other than a Tesla is not as crazy as the media would have you believe.
Save on Outdoor Signs
Using Yard Signs for Indoor or Outdoor Security Warning Sings
[Nov-26-2019: Shopping] Try PVC instead of aluminum and you can save money plus customize the signs.
MailChimp Free Hosting
Plenty of ways to publish a website for FREE
[Nov-21-2019: Web SEO] Domain hosting is available for the masses with easy to use and set up and you can even get your domain name.
The problem with monthly subscriptions
[Nov-04-2019: Shopping] Lured by low monthly fees, subscriptions are bleeding people and businesses dry.
Malicious Apps on iOS
Apple Fails to Stop Trojans Causing a Drain on Pay Per Click
[Oct-24-2019: Web/SEO] Malicious apps on iOS are faking visitors and stealing competitors PPC budgets.
Money Mailer / ValPak
To Advertise in Print or Not
[Oct-22-2019: Business] Sometimes print advertising makes sense especially when on a tight budget.
Empty Shopping Carts
Empty Shopping Carts eCommerce Nightmare
[Oct-04-2019: Web SEO] Companies are spending thousands on websites and competing with themselves on Amazon and discount sites.
Traffic on websites
Those Discount Magazines In The Mail They Work
[Sep-27-2019: Business] Advertisers are finding printing a less expensive affordable way of advertising once again.
Inappropriate Photos
Kids Are Putting You, Themselves, and Their Future at Risk.
[Sep-17-2019: Security] Kids are prone to sharing photos, problem is some may be breaking the law, and you may be held liable.
Angry customer
Train Your Employees on How to Talk to Customers
[Sep-16-2019: Business] If you don't take care to train employees on how to treat customers with respect you are losing business and your reputation suffers.
Don't Play Doctor Online
Don't Play Doctor Online You May Get More Than You Bargained For
[Sep-10-2019: Shopping] Be careful when purchasing medical or dental supplies online. Some products are not meant for consumers.
Business Cards
The Real Cost of Buying Business Cards Online
[Sep-06-2019: Shopping] The prices sound too good to be true, if you're willing to wait 2-3 weeks and avoid any additional charges you can save.
No Phishing No Spam
Email is Your Greatest Risk and You Cannot Live Without It
[Sep-05-2019: Security] Email is the weakest point in your enterprise or home environment and accounts for most malware.
All roads in cut off
Will the Hurricane Disrupt Your Website, Be Prepared
[Aug-28-2019: Business] The impending Hurricane is expected to hit South Florida as a Category 2 storm which will can damage. Here are some tips for preparing for the storm.
Textarea Box
Form Text Area Appears the Same on All Browsers
[Aug-27-2019: Programming] The text area box in HTML needs CSS to appear the same on all browsers.
They are watching you
Every Move is Being Tracked Online
[Aug-25-2019: Web/SEO] Tracking systems have become advanced with a little prep you can get your privacy back.
Overdone images
Never Ending Ads Eventually Get Blocked
[Aug-17-2019: Web/SEO] Ever see the same post over and over to the point where you never want to see it again?
Search Engines
Don't Let Someone Trick You Into Leaving Your Service
[Aug-08-2019: Web/SEO] Sellers are taking advantage of business owners lack of understanding related to search, SEO, and PPC.
Starting a business get ready to spend
[Aug-04-2019: Business] Social reach is not cheap and could end up costing more than most businesses can budget.
Searching to buy likes
Fake Likes, Who is Fooling Who?
[Jul-26-2019: Web/SEO] Page likes like many other aspects of the Internet has begun to degrade in value because of untruths.
Free stuff same price
Save when shopping online
[Jul-19-2019: Shopping] You can save nearly $200 on a $799 purchase but it's going to require research.
Angry former employee
Former Employees Posting Really Bad Reviews
[Jul-12-2019: Web/SEO] Employees are fighting back when fired posting negative comments about their former employers.
Are you getting the best price
Thanks to the Internet You Are Paying More
[Jul-09-2019: Shopping] Amazon is not the cheapest and just because a website lists a price doesn't mean you have to pay that amount.
Criminals Stay Out
Adult Websites Are Too Risky
[Jul-05-2019: Business] Many people seek to hide their activities online and end up getting scammed.
Editing Content
No More Mr. Nice Guy
[Jun-30-2019: Web/SEO] Allowing someone without training tell you how do your job is not doing your job at all.
Add Facebook Messenger Popup to Your Site
[Jun-24-2019: Programming] Why spend thousands on a pop-up messenger when Facebook offers it for free?
Coldfusion Code
Use Coldfusion to Deliver Video Based on Device
[Jun-23-2019: Programming] Detect visitors browser screen to display a video that is best suited for their device.
Are you safe Part 2
Prepare for disaster, Back Up. Part II
[Jun-21-2019: Web/SEO] Backing up is an integral part of sustaining and protecting your website.
Is your website safe?
Is your site going to get hacked Part I
[Jun-14-2019: Web/SEO] How to prepare for the inevitable cyber attack on your website. Are you prepared?
Is your data private
How trackable are you?
[Jun-11-2019: Web/SEO] You know that you're being tracked, where you aware it was across everything including email?
Waiting to answer a call
Phone Rings How Many is Too Much?
[Jun-05-2019: Business] Phone calls are still an important part of business, so how soon should a call be answered?
Is the Phone Number Working
[May-28-2019: Business] We are all so focused on reports, sometimes manual just makes sense.
Search is a maze
Why is Everything Important with Search?
[May-16-2019: Web/SEO] When it comes to search every aspect matters while some matter more.
Predefined templates
Squarespace hosting is it right for you?
[May-12-2019: Web/SEO] Squarespace website hosting offers templates for easy hosting with limitations.
What is Every Door Direct Mail
[Apr-29-2019: Business] Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is available from the US Post Office. Each printed qualifying piece is $0.187 to mail
Website Purpose and Authority
[Apr-11-2019: Web/SEO] A website has to sell your product or service is it making a good impression?
Landing Page
Anatomy of a Landing Page
[Apr-05-2019: Web/SEO] The landing page is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to your prospects.
Falling from the sky
I Have Fallen and Cannot Get Back Up!
[Mar-28-2019: Web/SEO] Prepare in advance so that you don't lose control of your website, social, and more.
Bot Man
Bad Bots Give Website Traffic a Bad Name
[Mar-14-2019: Web/SEO] There are people who create Bots in order to fool others into believing their website traffic is higher.
Spying on Facebook
Facebook reveals your advertising campaigns
[Mar-05-2019: Web/SEO] Facebook has make it easy for people to spy on their competitors and to monitor their ads.
Crime Scene
5 Star Reviews or 5 Star Frauds
[Mar-01-2019: Web/SEO] Is someone trying to sell you 5-star reviews, it many not be such a good idea.
Crime Scene
Are you wasting money on gimmicks or hype?
[Feb-27-2019: Web/SEO] All those great offers online to boost your site, some are just too good to be true and aren't.
Website Before and After
A Step by Step Rebuild of a Website
[Feb-12-2019: Web/SEO] A look in to how a website gets an update in less than a week at Robert Furst Competitive Marketing.
Website Ranking
Is Your Website Putting Up a Better Offense and Defense?
[Feb-04-2019: Web/SEO] What we look for when reviewing a website, is the website active or just sitting there dropping in rank?
Facebook Timeline
Is Anyone Out There Seeing My Free Posts?
[Jan-30-2019: Web/SEO] The Facebook timeline is free, but is anyone seeing your posts or is everyone blocking you.
proof reading document
15 Minutes May Save You on Insurance How About Spending it Proofing?
[Jan-16-2019: Web/SEO] Before spending ad money how about taking the time to check your website for errors, because they will hurt your ranking and chase away visitors.
Click on Mouse
Starting on Pay Per Click Ads, Better Get Your Site in Order
[Dec-28-2018: Web/SEO] A well designed website should make it easy to navigate and definitely before advertising, otherwise your throwing away money.
Website design and SEO
Website Design, is it asking too much?
[Dec-12-2018: Web/SEO] Website creators are doing their customers an injustice by not completing the whole job, designing for needed updates and revisions.
Are SEO's Days Numbered?
Are SEO, Website Creators, PPC Specialists days numbered?
[Dec-03-2018: Web/SEO] Search engines are looking to level the playing field and take in additional revenue by leveling the search playing field.
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