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Fake Ads
Are Ads No Longer Reasonable for the Sane Person
[Dec-27-2019: Shopping] Today's ads are so out there it's getting really difficult to believe anything.
Focus on sales not solutions
Amazon is Too Busy Pushing Sponsors to Give Good Results
[Dec-09-2019: Shopping] Instead of focusing on better search results there is a focus on pushing Sponsored vendors.
2016 Kia Soul EV and charger
After Two Years The Kia Soul EV Still The Right Choice
[Dec-02-2019: Shopping] Driving an electric car other than a Tesla is not as crazy as the media would have you believe.
Save on Outdoor Signs
Using Yard Signs for Indoor or Outdoor Security Warning Sings
[Nov-26-2019: Shopping] Try PVC instead of aluminum and you can save money plus customize the signs.
The problem with monthly subscriptions
[Nov-04-2019: Shopping] Lured by low monthly fees, subscriptions are bleeding people and businesses dry.
Don't Play Doctor Online
Do Not Play Doctor Online You May Get More Than You Bargained For
[Sep-10-2019: Shopping] Be careful when purchasing medical or dental supplies online. Some products are not meant for consumers.
Business Cards
The Real Cost of Buying Business Cards Online
[Sep-06-2019: Shopping] The prices sound too good to be true, if you're willing to wait 2-3 weeks and avoid any additional charges you can save.
Free stuff same price
Save when shopping online
[Jul-19-2019: Shopping] You can save nearly $200 on a $799 purchase but it's going to require research.
Are you getting the best price
Thanks to the Internet You Are Paying More
[Jul-09-2019: Shopping] Amazon is not the cheapest and just because a website lists a price doesn't mean you have to pay that amount.
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