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Miami Streets flooded
Is Miami Beach Becoming Too Expensive to Insure
[Jan-28-2020: Business] Can insurance companies continue to insure what is an increasingly expensive risky venture, real estate in Miami Beach.
Money Mailer / ValPak
To Advertise in Print or Not
[Oct-22-2019: Business] Sometimes print advertising makes sense especially when on a tight budget.
Traffic on websites
Those Discount Magazines In The Mail They Work
[Sep-27-2019: Business] Advertisers are finding printing a less expensive affordable way of advertising once again.
Angry customer
Train Your Employees on How to Talk to Customers
[Sep-16-2019: Business] If you don't take care to train employees on how to treat customers with respect you are losing business and your reputation suffers.
All roads in cut off
Will the Hurricane Disrupt Your Website, Be Prepared
[Aug-28-2019: Business] The impending Hurricane is expected to hit South Florida as a Category 2 storm which will can damage. Here are some tips for preparing for the storm.
Starting a business get ready to spend
[Aug-04-2019: Business] Social reach is not cheap and could end up costing more than most businesses can budget.
Criminals Stay Out
Adult Websites Are Too Risky
[Jul-05-2019: Business] Many people seek to hide their activities online and end up getting scammed.
Waiting to answer a call
Phone Rings How Many is Too Much?
[Jun-05-2019: Business] Phone calls are still an important part of business, so how soon should a call be answered?
Is the Phone Number Working
[May-28-2019: Business] We are all so focused on reports, sometimes manual just makes sense.
What is Every Door Direct Mail
[Apr-29-2019: Business] Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is available from the US Post Office. Each printed qualifying piece is $0.187 to mail
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